Introduction to the walking tours 

Following are four self-guided walking tours which will introduce you to a broad spectrum of Iowa City's architectural heritage. The four tour areas have played an important role in defining  Iowa City's rich architectural heritage, those included on the walking tours are representative of Iowa City history and its architecture.  

Although the sites for each tour are numbered, the reader may begin or end the tour at any point and learn much about the specific buildings listed and the ambiance of each neighborhood. Public parking is available in the area surrounding the first site listed on each tour. Your cooperation is requested in respecting the privacy of the residents in the residential neighborhoods by limiting your tour to the public sidewalks. We hope you enjoy your walk through time and appreciate the value these historic neighborhoods and buildings plan in defining the character of our community and giving Iowa City its sense of place and of history. 


 1. Downtown
2. Summit Street
3. Northside
4. Woodlawn