The present Northside neighborhood constitutes the northwestern  corner of the original town plat of 1839 and rises gently from the downtown to an east-west ridge at Brown Street. From Brown Street, which ran along the crest of the ridge, a panoramic view of the city could be seen. The area was favored by many University faculty members  and is now home to many hundreds of students. The Northside is also notable for its surviving brick-paved streets with cut stone curbs and terraced homes.  

    The earliest homes appear to have been mostly small cottages set forward on the lots with large garden areas and outbuildings and stables to the rear. Originally few homes were built fronting the north-sourth sides of the streets but over time lots were subdivided and additional home s were added between the older, smaller ones. Despite significant change and growth, the most remarkable feature of the Northside is its continuity. A wide range of commercial and residential architectural styles is present. The Northside neighborhood is presently under consideration for National Register and Iowa City Historic Preservation District designation. Parking is available along most of the streets. Your cooperation in respecting the privacy of the Northside residents is greatly appreciated.